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Graduate Student Organizing Committee

CJ Young

Ph.D Candidate at UCSB (he/him)

CJ's research covers different levels of linguistic structure, ranging from functional and discourse-based morphosyntax to lexical and phrasal prosody and their intersections. CJ primarily works on documentation of the Yami/Tao language (Austronesian), but also works with the isolate P'urhépecha language of Michoacán, Mexico.

Noemy Condori Arias

Ph.D Student at UCSB (she/her)

Noemy focuses her studies on language documentation and revitalization, working specifically with Quechua communities from Bolivia. Her work includes the study of verbal art and literature, the development of pedagogical grammars, and language activism. 

Guillem Belmar

Ph.D Candidate at UCSB (he/him)

Guillem focuses on the study of language minoritization and the strategies for language revitalization and maintenance. He is currently focused on community-based documentation of Sà'án Sàvǐ ñà ñuù Xnúvíkó (Mixtepec Mixtec) and P'urhépecha K'umajchuni anapu (Comachuén P'urhépecha), and is part of JSILO (Justicia Social de Intérpretes de Lenguas Originarias) a collaboration between Mixtec language interpreters and academic linguists.

Faculty Mentors

Marianne Mithun

Professor, Founding Advisor

Matthew Gordon

Professor, Department Chair

Eric W. Campbell

Associate Professor

Lina Hou

Assistant Professor, Equity Inclusion and Diversity Advocate

Jaime Pérez González

Assistant Professor