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Presenters at WAIL are eligible for inclusion in the Proceedings of WAIL. Presenters will be given the opportunity to submit their paper for publication in the Proceedings of WAIL for a month after WAIL is held. These papers will be subject to editorial review before being published on this website and will be publicly available. Papers can be presented in English or Spanish. All papers must comport with the WAIL style guide.

Proceedings of WAIL 24 (2022)

Editors: Jordan A.G. Douglas-Tavani and Guillem Belmar Viernes


Proceedings of WAIL 15 (2012)

Available here.

Editors: Elliott Hoey & Dibella Wdzenczny


  • Evidence for Language Contact in Numeral System of Quechuan, Aymaran, Cavineña, and Chipaya by Aaron W. Marks

Proceedings of WAIL 14 (2011)

Available here.

Editors: Stephanie Gamble Morse & Elliott Hoey

  • Temporal expression in Wichí nominals by Dibella Wdzenczny

  • Negation and focus in K'iche' by Murat Yasavul

  • On the syntax of coordination in Menominee by Meredith Johnson & Bryan Rosen

  • Topics in Chukchansi Yokuts Phonology and Morphology by Peter Ara Guekguezian

Proceedings of WAIL 13 (2010)

Available here

Editors: Daisey Rosenblum & Stephanie Gamble Morse


  • Ejectives in Nez Perce by Katherine Nelson

  • Assimilatory Processes in Chuxnabán Mixe by Carmen Jany

  • The Role of Homophony Avoidance in Morphology: A case study from Mixtec by Mary Paster

  • Hiaki Pronominals and Typology of Deficiency by Heidi Harley and Alex Trueman

  • Tense and Evidentiality in Sirionó and Yuki by Östen Dahl

  • Complement Clause Types in Northern Tepehuan: A continuum of semantic and syntactic complexity by Stefanie Ramos Bierge

  • Categorical Restrictions of Positional Verbs in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec by Keiko Beers

  • "There is no thermostat in the forest": Talking about temperature in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) by Susanne Vejdemo and Hunter Lockwood

  • Building an Intergenerational, Home-Based Language Nest by Melissa Borgia and Sandy Dowdy

Proceedings of WAIL 12 (2009)

Available here:

Editors: Daisy Rosenblum & Carrie Meeker


  • Ablaut and reduplication in Dakota: Revisiting the phonology-morphology relationship by Jesse Saba Kirchner

  • Grammaticalization of the generalized Kampan applicative -ako (Arawak) by Elena Mihas

  • Orthography and ideology: Examining the development of Kaw writing by Justin T. McBride

  • Updating the Sauk lexicon: Strategies and implications for language revitalization by Olivia N. Sammons

Proceedings of WAIL 6 (2003)

Available here.

Editor: Jeanie Castillo


  • Floating Moras and Features in Southern Sierra Miwok by J.C. Brown

  • Causation in Warihio by Rolando Félix Armendáriz

  • Salish Psych Applicatives by Donna B. Gerdts & Kaoru Kiyosawa

  • Pragmatics of Word Order in South Conchucos Quechua by Diane M. Hintz

  • The Representation of Oral Literature and its Role in Language Revitalization by Gary Holton

  • Syntactic and Semantic Development of Body Part Prepositions in Valley Zapotec Languages by Brook Danielle Lillehaugen

  • Investigating Focus in Noun Phrases by Pamela Munro & Larry Gorbet

  • Inverse Agreement, Argument Structure, and Hierarchy-Driven Phenomena in Ojibwe by Alexis Palmer

  • On the Syntax and Semantics of Content Questions in Yucatec Maya by Judith Tonhauser