The Schedule

Session 1, Phonetics & Phonology

James Yee (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Language and Identity in the Barbareño Chumash Language Community

Jonathan A. Geary (University of Arizona & the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation)

Stress-based truncation of loanwords in the Yuman languages

Session 2, Morphology & Syntax

Session 3, Morphology, Syntax, & Discourse

Irene Appelbaum (University of Montana)

The Discourse-Status of Sole Third-Person Proximates

Session 4, Morphology, Syntax, & Information Structure

Jonathan A. Geary and Gretchen Kern (University of Arizona & the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation)

Word order variation in interrogative sentences in Northwest Sahaptin texts

Wendy Liz Arbey López Márquez (UC Berkeley)

Internally Headed Relative Clauses in Nuntajɨɨyi

Day 2

April 9, 2022

Session 5, Language Change

Guillem Belmar Viernes, Alonso Vásquez-Aguilar, Eric W. Campbell & Jeremías Salazar (UC Santa Barbara)

Explaining allomorphy in Sà'án Sàvǐ ñà Yukúnanǐ: sound change and grammaticalization of person pronouns

Jaime Pérez González (UC Santa Cruz)

Split Aspectual System in Mocho’ (Mayan)

Keynote Address

Exploring grammar through the lens of natural discourse: focusing on blurry categories

Martin Kohlberger (University of Saskatchewan)

Session 6, Language Documentation & Revitalization

Clifton Pye (University of Kansas)

Sketching Infant Grammars

Kristian Ali (UC Santa Barbara), Ben Braithwaite (UWI St. Augustine), Ian Dhanoolal (UWI St. Augstine), and Johannah-Rae Reyes

Documenting an (I)indigenous sign language in Guyana

Conference Conclusion: 5:00 - 5:15